I’m not stressed…Am I…?

So here begins a tale of something that many many people will be oh so familiar with… Unexplained aches and pains, enough excess stomach acid to dissolve the Titanic, sleepless nights and dozy days… and these are just SOME of the physical symptoms, let alone the mental ones. Chances are, if you visit your GP with one or more of the above, they’ll have you on anti depressants before you can blink.
It started with a visit to my friendly nurse practitioner with what I thought was a tummy bug- nausea, belly ache, generally feeling a bit meh. “STRESS!” she exclaimed (looking more than a little smug if you ask me) “YOU’RE STRESSED!” I didnt feel stressed, particularly. Sure, I’d had a lot going on in the last few months, but I was more settled now, and frankly, who hasn’t got stuff going on?! I left the appointment with a prescription for anti sickness tablets and anti-acid type tablets, with a recommendation to come back in a week to see how I’d got on.
So far, I’ve been off work for 7 weeks and counting, and am contemplating some major changes to my life… Further post will reveal the bits between the dicky tummy and now, and what happens next…!


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